Flora and Fauna

Blessed by nature Tunquén Mágico blooms all year round, with different species depending on the season, multiple colors in our landscape. The roar of the waves merges with the song of the birds. It is a paradise on earth of which you can be spectators.


At Tunquén Mágico we have direct access to three beautiful beaches.
The Playa Grande de Tunquén, is only a 10 minutes walk, with an extensive coast of fine and golden sands, with a wetland that limits to the east.
The Beach of Las Conchitas in el Rosario is very cozy with a great marine life, its a 10 minutes car drive.
Playa los Chaguales is our beach below Tunquén Mágico. It is intimate, perfect with a slope and a viewpoint on the cliff. With some pools to bathe protected from the wind. With a great marine life stars and suns of sea, algae and birds that inhabit the beach.
The sunset can always be seen from Tunquén Mágico.

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